Nifty DJs

Get Ready to Pump Up the NFT Metaverse

20 mysterious consoles have been found on the Ethereum blockchain. They seem to play 20 different EDM original tracks, and 10.000 programmatically generated DJs NFT are coming to turn them on.

A race will take place and only the best Nifty DJ will reach the first position on the official top 100 Metaverse DJ, becoming a legend in the NFT music space!

Join the party and feel the vibe of EDM pouring through the metaverse!

Mint for 0.05 ETH

Check out the 400 previously minted during the presale on OpenSea


Each DJ is an ERC-721 non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain with IPFS decentralized stored metadata. Minting cost will be fixed at 0.05 ETH for a maximum of 50 Nifty DJs per transaction. The process is safe from metadata leaks so traits can’t be guessed in advance.

Every DJ originates from a random combination of 192 different graphic traits with different rarity scores. Furthermore, 20 Electro Dance Music original and full mastered short tracks are linked to the Nifty DJs’ consoles. They can be played on opensea coming to life along with an animation!

Only 100 tokens will be withheld from the sale: 41 Nifty DJs have been airdropped to competitions winners and for marketing purpose. Once you are the owner of a DJ, beyond collect a unique and cool piece of art in your wallet, you have full rights on the underlying art. You can use your DJs as you want, both images and music.

We are here to grow the NFT music space. Nifty DJs is in collaboration with ERC721music, a project with the aim to build a music focused and community-driven NFT platform, a DAO and other cool stuff. Collectors, beyond the access to exclusive areas and contents related to Nifty DJs, will be involved in ERC721music future development with early acesses, airdrops and more.


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Thank you!

Here we'll take the first snapshot

50% Sold

Music Unlocks!

The 20 full versions of the tracks will be released through 1:1 editions NFTs and airdropped to 20 lucky owners.

75% Sold

Top100 Metaverse DJ!

We'll start the Top100 Metaverse DJ development, a community-based popularity game with prizes.

100% Sold

Massive Community Giveback!

We will start a poll to pick up one of the Top100 DJ from the real world to set up an exclusive performance for the DJs collectors!



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